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Store Policy

Terms and Conditions

We are a custom woodworking business. Therefore each piece is unique and perfectly suited for your space and design scheme. Because of that, we request a  deposit when we have agreed on the design, size, type of wood, and finish of your piece. Because of that, all sales are final.


The deposit is 50% of the total  price. The quoted price does not include sales taxes. The final invoice will be the same amount unless there were changes made. 


Unless otherwise stated, when your piece is finished we will arrange for delivery and/or installation through our preferred vendor. A quote can be provided. They will contact you. You will pay them. Likewise, you are welcome to pick it up here.


Should we finish your piece and you find you are not ready to receive it we ask that you come to the shop and inspect and pay for it.


These products are made from wood and are natural products. Variations between provided samples and the final product may occur. The process we use with new wood construction will have a handcrafted look. That does not mean sloppy it just means handcrafted. There will be slight imperfections, a few knots, slight color variations…


Our guarantee is for one year on workmanship. If for any reason, you are not satisfied or have a concern, please let us schedule an inspection. We can also guarantee you that wood will move slightly with the seasons. There may be a slight crack in the dry days of October that will completely disappear in the muggy days of August. The wood continues to live. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards (all credit cards will incur a 2% processing fee)

- Cash or Checks

Payment Methods
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