About Us

Currently in our seventh year, Salt Wood Co. is a seasoned team of woodworkers and artisans with a wealth of talent and experience. Our goal is to create rustic yet modern furniture that becomes a family heirloom using historic reclaimed wood. 

"Our mission is to fully realize that the wood we work with is appreciably older than we are. It deserves every bit of our time and patience to repurpose it in such a way that ensures it will last long after we are gone" - Vann Cochran, Owner of Salt Wood Company

Our Builders

Nick comes to us from a five year stint as a car salesman, prior to which he was involved in video production which saw him working all over the country. He has done woodworking as a hobby all his life, as taught to him by his father. Patty previously worked as a fishing guide and mate on Lake Moultrie, and gained his woodworking experience installing hardwood flooring. Both hail from Berkeley County and we are delighted to have their talent and energy in the shop!