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Great things come from frustration and bed swings - be sure to ask our founder, Vann Cochran, that story the next time you see him. Established in 2013, Salt Wood Co. started out of a postal service garage in North Charleston. 


Armed with a background in craftsmanship, a floor fan, some tools, pure grit, and a prayer, Vann started making furniture from repurposed wood under a leaking roof. 


The adventure that was sourcing and using reclaimed wood was too good to pass up. From finding treasures in upstate Union to securing a donation of wood dating back to 1787 from downtown Charleston’s Vendue Inn following its major renovation, Salt Wood Co. bought, scrapped and scavenged precious materials with substance and a story.  


Soon enough, the Lowcountry was abuzz with this new custom furniture shop showcasing a “fresh kind” of coastal design in unique products crafted from reclaimed wood.


People would watch Fixer Upper on Sunday and call Salt Wood Co. on Monday for their very own modern rustic piece delivered with prime service and competitive pricing. 


Two years and more than 1,000 tables later, Salt Wood Co. moved into its upgraded workshop (complete with air conditioning) in Mount Pleasant, SC and is proud to continue curating relationships with and building custom furnishings for our commercial and residential clients across the country.  

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Some people are born and bred to go their own way - Vann is one of those people. 


With a Business Administration degree from the University of South Carolina, he spent the early years after graduation working on private yachts. Bored by mopping decks and running cocktails, Vann came back to shore and started a 25-year dabble in real estate, construction and land development. 


Inspired by his mother, a career interior designer, Vann was always drawn to building beautiful things that also served a purpose and held significance. 


After personally building 275 single-family homes and contributing to numerous construction ventures including high rise condos, subdivisions and even golf courses, he began translating that patience for the process, commitment to quality and creative passion into handcrafted custom furniture. 


To date, Vann has held an SC Home Builders License, Real Estate License and currently holds a USGC Master’s License along with having founded and managed nine entrepreneurial endeavors and counting in addition to Salt Wood Co. 


Learn more about his other ventures, SeaGlass Charters and Two Guys and a Wedding here


Bringing wisdom and patience to each project, Vann is committed to building distinct, structurally sound, and well-proportioned pieces that will share your story for years to come. He also appreciates the value of a dollar, proficiency and efficiency making him an incredible partner for owners and designers alike. 

If you want to find Vann in his element, catch him behind the wheel of his sailboat with a warm southwest breeze blowing and a rum drink in hand watching a golden sunset over Charleston.